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Episode 50 - Why We Raise Dogs, Not Kids with the DINK Dog Mom - Being childfree by choice and why it's controversial

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Why We Raise Dogs, Not Kids with the DINK Dog Mom - Being childfree by choice and why it's controversial

episode 13876285 artwork

We're back! Catch up with Yamini on dogs, life changes and more...

episode 13615913 artwork

Speaking with charity organization SafePet Ontario | How you can help survivors of family violence and human trafficking through fostering dogs and pets

episode 12518693 artwork

Saving senior dogs with videogames | An interview about mobile game Old Friend Dog Game

episode 12424641 artwork

Tackling nervous system co-regulation and communication with your dog | with holistic dog expert Sharon from Human Canine Collaborative

episode 12379478 artwork

What's the deal with dog DNA tests? Comparing Embark, DNA My Dog, Wisdom Panel and the Village Dog

episode 12285769 artwork

How to build mental health with a difficult dog | Journalling, dealing with big emotions and reactivity with Karoline from the Dog Mom Mentality

episode 12233697 artwork

Sustainable living, influencer culture and the gift your rescue dog can bring | with Briahna (Boba the Sustainable Mutt)

episode 12136482 artwork

Happy Season 3! Tips for fostering a dog or rescuing a dog, solo

episode 12091296 artwork

How to be a kickass antiracist dog and animal advocate with Kassidi and Ginger (@Gingers_naps)

episode 11304271 artwork

How to Suss Out a Good Rescue #SaveEspie

episode 11229303 artwork

Put yourself first to better your relationship with your rescue dog, plus dealing with reactivity and training with therapist Jess from Handlers and Humans

episode 11189124 artwork

Fresh food and dog nutrition with raw dog food expert Hahnbee Choi from The Raw Storm and The Rawcast

episode 11096077 artwork

Our recent fostering experience with a fearful foster dog | Our journey with our Mexico foster Yara (now Nox)

episode 11065914 artwork

Nuance in dog training, fostering with a non-social dog and more with Haley from Paws and Reflect (@paws.andreflect)

episode 11023971 artwork

Learn about dog nutrition + allergies with Dr Suzee and Kabo

episode 10780419 artwork

Living with difficult dogs and canine reactivity with Hannah from @macdaddyillustrations

episode 10739926 artwork

Fostering and adopting senior rescue dogs with Lisa (@allthefosterpups)

episode 10673120 artwork

How to bring rescue and shelter dogs out of their shell through play and socialization - with Courtney from Resilient Canine

episode 10634338 artwork

Changing your rescue dog's life through play - Courtney from Resilient Canine

episode 10585898 artwork

Fostering with the Right Dog Rescue with Eryn and Piper (@pipersrescueadventures)

episode 10500111 artwork

Planning your Wedding Day with your Rescue Dog in Mind - Have Them Look and Behave Their Best

episode 10500082 artwork

How to Prepare for Your First Rescue Foster Dog

episode 10453468 artwork

How to Foster like a Trainer - Amber on how to help your foster shine and help behavioural issues

episode 10335583 artwork

Guide to Podcasting and being a Dog Mom with Carly (With A Dog Podcast) and Miranda (The Dog Park Bitch)

episode 10243299 artwork

Millennial Chat with Gen Z Foster University Podcast - Fostering while in School and Top Foster Tips

episode 10153047 artwork

Valentine's Day with Dogs - Therapy, Parenting and Romance!

episode 10071661 artwork

How to live sustainably as a dog parent - with Nifty Dogs

episode 9946724 artwork

Feeding Your Dogs Balanced Raw with Avery, Navi and Newman (@navithenoodle)

episode 9866771 artwork

Fostering 201 with Katie, Foster Mom of 20+ Rescue Dogs

episode 9626908 artwork

How to Manage Veterinarians, Emergency Vetting and Special Needs Dogs with Nico and Moose

episode 9551625 artwork

Bark and cheese! How to become a Dog and Rescue Photographer with Danica Oliva

episode 9385325 artwork

Dog Happiness and Canine Enrichment with Taylor from Bindi's Bucket List

episode 9183487 artwork

Brandless but Impactful - The Dog Moms behind Brandless Rescue Goods

episode 9110571 artwork

How to train rescue dogs and save more dogs - Dog Dad John and the Misfits for the Dogs

episode 8845044 artwork

Support Small Business - Toronto Dog Moms, Unite in the Six!

episode 8649461 artwork

Eff Puppy Mills and Free Dem Dogs! Learn the harsh truth about backyard breeders and puppy mills

episode 8575201 artwork

Support Small Business - Leaving Microplastics Out of Pet Beds with Former Fibres

episode 8529522 artwork

Raising a pack of 15+ rescue dogs with Angela the Dog Mom

episode 8486835 artwork

Support Rescue Sustainable Small Businesses, featuring Hen Hen

episode 8357549 artwork

Tequila, or how to live in an RV with a rescue dog

episode 8270373 artwork

Save Rez Dogs, period! Indigenous Rights and Reservation Dogs

episode 8227390 artwork

Layla, and what are BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) laws anyway?

episode 8125562 artwork

Fostering 101 with Huey, Finley and Samson

episode 8063687 artwork

Boss, or how a couple had a boss baby during a pandemic

episode 7963675 artwork

Josie, Mr. Big and Alfred, or, how we learned to feed our dogs a raw diet

episode 7725181 artwork

Daffy and Monster, or how to start a brand new rescue in the middle of a global pandemic

episode 7639177 artwork

Ahsoka, or how to move across the country with your dog

episode 7263238 artwork

Frankie and Fern, or how two rescue dogs inspired a tasty dog treats small business

episode 7263358 artwork

Nanaimo, or living with a dog without sight - Blindness, special needs dogs

episode 7101979 artwork